Apartment 7A - Lisbon PORTUGAL
The purpose was to revitalize the apartment starting with in a small budget. End up whit his old and dark aspect, and give it a new cleaner look, in means of lightness, continuity and contemporaneity of materials, giving away the excess of decoration. We retched to a house with two sectors, a social communicating and multipurpose one, and an individualized private one.
The main goal was to refresh the house, by creating light, clean and minimal spaces. The materials selected were essential to obtain these goals. We applied less-common materials, chosen due to their functional, esthetic and innovative qualities. Walls and floors were covered whit micron-cement, a continuous material that gives spaces an industrialized look, but comfortable and clean at the same time. Walls that are not cemented were left simply white.
The materials were applied in strategical and singular points of the house. In the living room the fireplace was renovated and distinguished by being coated whit an innovative material, recycled wood and cement pane.
In the main room, the wall of the bed headboard was covered whit OSB panel. It`s a recycled material, made with remaining portions of wood from the carpentries. This material was chosen to this location not only because of his aesthetic aspect, but also because of his characteristic of ancestral and natural material, in a new and actual concept and lifestyle.
Artificial illumination was also essential, establishing different intensities as the spaces are more residual or just of circulation. It is also a decoration element when for example it crowns the bed headboard of the main room.
There were applied modern, future and innovative materials, in the search of a house that reflects contemporary lifestyle, that gives priority to social spaces, but doesn’t abandons the more private e intimate areas.

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